It is important not to rush into buying cosmetics online because spurious products can scar your skin for life – a chance no one should take. It is therefore, important that you have an experienced guide to help you zero in on the best online site for all your herbal cosmetic needs.

A few tips are listed below.

  1. Research:  With Google to help you, there is no dearth of information online. Search the world wide web for the best online sites for herbal products. PaySpi is one such reliable site where you can buy genuine products.
  2. Read the user reviews: User reviews are a window into the soul of a product and the website. It is here you can garner information on the advantages and drawbacks of not just the cosmetics but also the company, their customer care, their history etc. This information is a pointer to the authenticity of a product and its maker.
  3. Check for ingredients: All websites that deal in cosmetics will have pictures of their products with clear images of the label containing information on the ingredients, their percentage, weight of the product, the place of manufacturing and expiry date on it. Sometimes if the information is not the label it is on the space below the image. Also, check if the product has been approved by the regulatory board of the region.
  4. Compare products:  Always compare the ingredients and the cost of the product before buying. Sometimes the branded ones cost more but they will be safer as the chances of spurious ingredients in the products is less.
  5. Find out of the return and refund policy: Go the website of the product and find out the refund or return policy in case you are dissatisfied with the product or if the product causes side effects not listed in the literature of the product.